Preservation of Mountains – Your Responsibility

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The opening of route so early in season in 2018 was a positive sign for tourism, but it puts a grim reminder on the changing climate of the region. Due to lack of seasonal snowfall Spiti has experienced its driest winter in decades in 2018. So when you are here please make a vow to preserve this place as it is.

Few ways you can contribute and help Spiti

  1. Take back all your trash and dispose where proper recycling facilities are available – plastic waste, dry cells, etc
  2. Depend on reusable water bottles for drinking water. Use filtered water from hotels instead of plastic bottles.
  3. Do not waste water in hotels – the most precious commodity this year. It takes lot of effort from us to get your running water in bathrooms. Use half flush, close taps while brushing.
  4. Educate your friends, family, locals and everyone around you to do the same.

These small precautions will keep Spiti, this beautiful place on Earth, the way it should be for generations to come.

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