Donate your invaluable books

Dear Patron,

A lot of people when they visit little villages in Himalayas give money and chocolates to children. Money will be spent in no time and chocolates are consumed instantly. But any contribution in this beautiful land has to be of value and ever lasting. So we at Spiti Valley tours are introducing our gift a book program to our guests who are visiting Spiti Valley. As you know Spiti is located in such a remote region where we don’t get daily newspaper and magazines and the libraries are few and far between.

Back home we know a lot of you will be having old books be it comics, science, short stories or even novels that are useful for children. Instead of disposing them off, we request you to bring those books to Kaza and we will screen them and donate it to various libraries across Spiti.

We believe learning not only happens in school, not only through teachers, it also happens through everyone we meet and interact in our lives. It happens through television, comics, just by observing nature. There is no better contribution to the world than that of infinite knowledge.

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