Things to Bring

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Some extra items to consider packing before your trip to Spiti –

  1. Weather appropriate gear – things can change quickly up there so always bring at least one set of warm clothes even in summer.
  2. Gifts for the locals – guests sometimes bring some small presents for the local village kids, usually they have less access to pencils and coloring books, sports equipment, things like that.  You will be very popular if you bring any kids stuff to hand out.
  3. Sunblock is also pretty rare up in the high mountains and the little kids tend to have very sun burned cheeks so if you pack too much sunblock, you can donate it at Key Monastery Old Peoples Home and the old ladies who take care of the village kids will be sure to give it out to all the little ones for you.
  4. Spare battery/chargers for your camera – there is usually quite a lot of people using the same charge stations so you might want to take precautions if possible.
  5. Your own water bottle – there are plenty of clean water refill points everywhere in the Himalayas and far, far too much litter.
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