Thangka Painting Workshop

Learn the mystical art of the Tibetan muralist monks. Thangka painting is a meditative exercise in interactive worship, each brush stroke carefully placed to preserve the balance of the piece. Concentration and attentiveness to the art of painting facilitates a state of peace and meditative calm to bring you closer to your inner Buddha.

The murals are known for their elaborate and colorful depictions of Buddhist legends, demons and angels and master monks from ancient times. Beneath the legends, complex geometric patterns govern the balance of the murals, the spacing carefully arranged by the science of the Thangka artist. With this one of a kind workshop, you too will be able to communicate with your inner artist and learn the ancient art of the Thangka master.
Over 5 days you will learn the curious mix of art, science and legend which goes into every mural. Guided by a professional monk artist, you will visit the monasteries in Tabo and Ki and see for yourself the Thangka murals many thousands of years old such as the famous 1000 Buddhas of Tabo exhibition.
Daily instructional classes will teach you to adapt what you see in the monasteries into your own creative works. All materials and deluxe accommodation in the premium Kaza guest house will be provided and in order to preserve the quality of the experience groups will be kept to no larger than 4 people.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1
Lessons in Kaza in the afternoon following a morning visit to Ki Monastery. Overnight in a village homestay in Langcha, overlooking Kaza and the valley floor far below.

Day 2
Lessons in Kaza in the afternoon following morning visit to Langcha and Komic monasteries. Overnight in Kaza hotel.

Day 3
Morning lessons in Kaza leaving in the afternoon for Tabo where you will overnight in a homestay with a nice garden. Relaxed afternoon exploring Tabo monastery and its 1000 yr old murals including the Pillar of 1000 Buddhas.

Day 4
The next day we will visit Kungri and Dhankar monasteries, spending the night in a village homestay in the breathtaking village of Dhankar. In the afternoon enjoy a relaxed walk around Dhankar for some introspective moments and amazing views.

Day 5
In the morning we will arrive from Dhankar and spend the rest of the day attending the final class which will summarize what you have learned so far and allow you time to prepare your project for you to continue working on at home.

Accommodation (basic or deluxe)
Monk Guide at Monasteries

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