Pin Parvati Trek on the Mudh to Manikaraan Trail

One of our most challenging treks, this route into Kullu Valley via the holy hot springs of Manikaran was not discovered until the 19th century when an English explorer chanced upon the pass high above Mudh village in Pin Valley.  The route passes south of the resplendent Bada Shigri Glacier, surrounded on all sides by peaks above 6000m. 

This trek takes you on an awe-inspiring journey from High Altitude Deserts to the lush greenery and monsoon swept southern slopes of the Himalayan foothills.  There will be river crossings and may also be snow walking involved so the safety of participants is of paramount concern for us. Because of the difficulty of the route, no pack animals can join us in our trek and all food and equipment for the 12 day trek must be brought with us by porter. 


Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Kaza Sagnam Mudh 3600m (6hrs)

Drive by jeep taxi from pickup point at your hotel in Kaza to Mudh village, last village in Pin Valley where you will start your trek early the next morning.  

Day 2: Mudh - Ghurgul 4000m (4hrs)

Starting from Mudh early in the morning, we ascent up gradually sloping terrain to a Ghurgul, a grassy campsite located on a meadow overlooking Pin Valley far below.  

Day 3: Ghurgul - Basecamp 4500m (4hrs)

Today we begin the steep ascent to Pin Parvati Pass basecamp located at 4500m. This is the last camp in Pin Valley.  

Day 4: Basecamp - Pin Parvati Pass 5319m - Kullu Basecamp 4500m (6hrs)

Slow and steady, we will climb steeply to cross the Pin Parvati pass in one day. Walking on packed snow and ice, everyone will be roped together as the crevasses may not be easily visible.  

Day 5: Kullu Basecamp to Mantalaie Lake4074m (6hrs)

Walking over glacier and loose scree, these slopes can be challenging but hugely rewarding when we reach the grassy shores of Mantalaie Lake.

Day 6: Mantalaie Lake - Pandu Pul 3700m (5hrs)

Trekking downhill from Mantalaie Lake through flowery meadows, rich in semi-precious gems.  

Day 7: Pandu Pul - Thakurkuan 3400m (5hrs)

Pandu Pul means bridge in the local dialect, the name derives from the unique rock bridges found on this leg of the journey.  

Day 8: Thakurkuan - Thunda Bhuz 3200m (5hrs) 

This is a challenging part of the trek due to the steep and difficult terrain leaving Thakurkuan. The area is part of the Kanawar wild life sanctuary and one may encounter Himalayan brown bears or even snow leopard on the higher slopes.  

Day 9: Thunda Bhuz - Khir Ganga 2850m (5hrs)

The route now takes us into heavily wooded slopes covered in dense pine and birch forests. The local word for birch is bhuz . Camp in a lush green campsite near a spring. Khir Ganga is a holy place with a hot water spring and a small temple to Lord Shiva. You will welcome the chance for a hot bath after 9 days of trekking!  

Day 10: Khir Ganga - Kalga 2850m (4hrs)

The trek becomes a pleasant walk as we near our destination and go deeper into the wooded slopes of Kullu.  

Day 11: Kalga - Barsheni - Manikaran (5-6hr)

From the forest clearing campsite at Kalga, we make oru way to the holy hot springs of Manikaran, the end destination for our trek. You will feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment once you reach the holy place of Manikaran. Legend has it that Lord Shiva and his wife spent 12 years meditating and relaxing at the hot springs of Manikaran and it has important value in Hindu faith.  

Day 12: Manikaran - Manali

Vehicle transport will collect you from Manikaran and bring you back to Manali for a night in a hotel! This is the last day of the trek with your new friends, the porters and horsemen will now trek BACK to Spiti the same way, taking only 6 days for their return trip!!

Accommodation (Full Board)

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