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Our Village Homestays

Most Villages in Spiti are quite small, with an average population of only 20-30 people. 

Facilities are basic, though in the more tourist friendly villages like Kibber, Mudh and Tabo one can find guesthouses, internet cafes and a restaurant or two.


In most of the other villages, accommodation can only be arranged in Homestays, staying with a local family in their home.  There is no better way to experience village life!   Traditional toilets may take some getting used to but the hospitality and warmth of the family life more than makes up for any deficiencies in facilities!  


Our network of village homestays extends to every village in Spiti and our homestay hosts are mostly ex-guides and mountaineers with incredible experience and fantastic climbing stories from their expedition days.  They also have a keen understanding of how to take care of visitors and you will be well looked after at all times.  


Spitian houses are large with plenty of privacy and separate bedrooms surrounding a large common kitchen/dining/living room with a warm fireplace.  

In each village you can expect to be welcomed by a warm fire, a friendly family and a nice traditional cup of tea!  


Checkout the Spiti Valley Tours Facebook Page for galleries of photos from each village in Spiti we visit! 


Our Hotels & Guesthouses

We regularly visit and monitor the hotels where we send our guests and maintain the highest standards in service, quality and comfort.   


Since Spiti is a high altitude desert and our guests are usually on treks, camping or enjoying homestays in the villages as part of their program, we like to make sure the hotels on your stay really make them feel comfortable with full western amenities:-


  • Hot Water Heater Showers
  • European style Toilets
  • Warm & Cozy Bed


  • The Presidential Suite at the Grand Dewachen Hotel in Kaza - included in all of our Deluxe programs.  


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Learn more about the geography of Spiti Valley, its centuries of tradition and Buddhist heritage. This section includes information about how to get there, what to bring, and what to expect.

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Our expert staff knows this region better than anyone in the world, and their knowledge is what makes Spiti Valley Tours special.

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